Let me begin…

Okay, I’m rather new to the world of blogging but have long wanted to give it a go, so here I am….. 



My day job is as a Research Assistant for a university, which I enjoy as it allows me to do two of the things I love – meet and talk to new people, and write.  However, I have long promised myself that I will get back into creative writing outside of work and see where it takes me…a blog seemed like the natural place to start.

During my gap year travelling (2006/07)  I lived and worked in Sydney, Australia for three months, where I undertook a Creative Writing course, during which I vowed ‘I will write from this point forward’, and since which I have not done much of.  I did however update my travel blog weekly whilst I was away, and have decided that I will write it up ‘properly’ one day, if only to leave it as a legacy of sorts for my nephews and niece (and maybe, you never know, my own children). 

A work colleague Vanessa Chapman has a brilliant blog that I enjoy reading, and having seen a post of hers about Jennifer M. Eaton’s ‘Write a Story With Me’  task where people each write 250 words of a story and pass it on, I put my name down for it…call it a bit of a ‘this is where it starts’ moment, which led very quickly to me setting up this blog!

In addition to writing I love to read (and am often inspired by different writing styles and original ideas) and have recently joined a ‘virtual book club’ via Facebook, through which am enjoying reading our first pick ‘When God was a Rabbit’…so with blog set up, virtual book club joined and a birthday looming next week it seems that I have made some ‘birthday resolutions’ that I intend to keep up.

My initial thoughts about my blog are that it will be about what I am writing (or thinking of writing), what I am reading, what is going on in my head that I think may be of interest…I’m just looking forward to it taking shape and seeing where it will take me. 

Wish me luck!!


10 thoughts on “Let me begin…

    • Oh, thank you Sam for your kinds words!! Likewise, I am pleased and priveleged to have met you…we should have a Thailand reunion one day (without the hair-raising boat trip!) 🙂 x

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