This week I have been mostly experiencing new moves

I have been working my ‘Move’ theme recently.  Or to be more accurate I have been watching other people move.  This is not has dodgy as it may sound.  I have had the pleasure in the last week of seeing some very talented and inspirational people. 

Firstly, three friends and I attended Sky 1’s ‘Got to Dance’ auditions at Clapham Common last week.  For those of you who aren’t aware, GTD is a dance talent show and, along the same lines as other such shows, people perform in front of a panel of three judges: Ashley Banjo (whose street dance group ‘Diversity’ won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009), Kimberley Wyatt (a Pussycat Doll) and Aston Merrygold (of boy band JLS)…the latter replacing Adam Garcia (tap dancer, Saturday Night Fever and Coyote Ugly – swoon!) on the panel this year.  I was slightly upset about not getting to see Adam Garcia…but I soon perked up when I came in touching distance of Ashley Banjo, who is really rather dishy…and a new crush was born  😉

I have never seen a television show recorded before, so it was an interesting new experience for me.  It was the first day of three weeks of auditions and it ran like a well-oiled (albeit slow) machine…lots of time was spent setting up shots and cameras, powdering the noses of the judges and tweaking Kimberley’s hair (no matter that it never actually appeared out of place). 

But despite all the waiting around, and the extreme heat inside the GTD dome, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day – we saw tap dancers, street dance groups, a tiny 4-year old ballerina (who actually made me cry, darn you ticking biological clock!), swing dance, a spinning lady with gold wings, the list goes on…Old, young, good, indifferent or plain bizzare, they all shared one thing in common – a passion for their art.  I was so utterly impressed by their commitment, confidence and (for most of the acts) talent.  The show airs on Sky 1 in January 2013, and from the first day of auditions there are already some I would tip for the final – Posion, Juicy and Addict.  You heard it here first, place your bets now.

Me & Jo outside the GTD dome

My second new experience was seeing ‘Cirque De Ciel’ at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury this week.  To put it simply – I was awestruck.  The show started with a girl doing a one-handed handstand, raised high up on a pole, whilst contorting her torso and legs into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes that you wouldn’t have thought possible.  And it just got better from there.  I spent most of the performance rapt in open-mouthed delight, interspersed with edge-of-my-seat cringing that one of them may fall.  There were girls spinning in rings, mind boggling diablo tricks, many a tumbling somersault, juggling hats, daring drops from ceiling to floor on silks, drums being spun at lightning speed on feet, a ballerina doing an arabesque on pointe on someone’s HEAD…I could go on and on about this amazing spectacle of a show, which culminated with two floor to ceiling poles being erected, which were climbed (at times with just hands, bodies held ramrod straight – such strength!), somersaulted in between (launched and landed with the pole in between legs) and jumped from at a great height, landing in a neat position on the floor. It truly has to be seen to be believed. 

The show was perhaps not on the same scale as ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ (which I now really must see and have duly added to my ‘Bucket List’) but, as with Got to Dance, the talent, power and fitness off the troupe was truly inspirational.

Not the one we saw, but….woah!

I chose to blog about these two experiences as they align with my ‘Move’ theme, in that they involved me doing something new and different.  But also because I think something important can be learnt from those involved in the GTD auditions and in the Cirque De Ciel troupe….to follow your dreams no matter what setbacks you suffer, harness your talents, and do what makes you happy and healthy. 

Until next time, love and somersaults, sm x


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