Recommended Blog: ‘Edenland’

Eden Low res13

Through my recent introduction into the world of blogging I have come across numerous interesting people who I have, and continue to, learn a lot from. One such blog, which I just feel the need to share with everyone who accesses my own blog, is ‘Edenland’.

Eden Riley is an Australian writer, blogger, mother and public speaker. According to her website she has seen a lot of things, went to many dark places in her twenties and saw even more. Last year she flew to Niger, Africa to blog about the food crisis for World Vision, and she was also named as Australia’s Best Blog for 2012 by the Sydney Writers Centre. In her own words, she believes in “truth, cake, being badass, tattoos and letting go”.

Eden writes about her life and the people in it with admirable honesty and openness. Her blogs always resonate with me in some way – from her frank accounts of her past and current issues, to tales of family life, food and (my personal favourite) ‘Street Talk Fridays’, which is an entry every Friday featuring somebody she met on the street (“because sometimes, talking to a stranger is the easiest thing in the world.”). I find her posts inspiring, real, entertaining, full of hope and I often take a message or learning from them.

If you are looking for a new blog to follow then I suggest you go ahead and follow Eden…see what you think for yourself.

Until next time, love and letting go, sm x


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