Write A Story With Jennifer M. Eaton – Part 31


My turn has come around again for Write a Story With Jennifer M Eaton. Check out my part (31) below, and click on the link to the story so far here.

Thank you to Richard Leonard for adding the twist of ending his part (30) in the middle of a sentence…?! I managed to fit mine around that little curveball…

Part 31

Natalia’s moaning and writhing ceased. She went still.

Janelle darted back to Morana, who was now entering the house.

“Morana, you must try to hurry, something is terribly wrong!”

Morana stumbled up the stairs as fast as her frail body would allow her to. Janelle was by now frantic.

“Please help her!”

Morana entered the bedroom and rushed to the limp body of Natalia.

“She’s alive.” she said, checking her pulse, “But something is wrong. You need to get more help.”

Janelle hesitated…it was one thing to make herself known to a before-timer, but she knew that the Doctor would not respond well to even the sight of her, let alone listen to her.

“Hurry, the baby is here!” Morana interrupted Janelle’s thoughts.

Janelle returned her attention to the scene. The baby had delivered quite suddenly and there appeared to be a lot of blood. She had no choice, she must do all she could to persuade the Doctor to listen to her. She flew swiftly in the direction of the Doctor’s house, ruminating over how she was going to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Morana meanwhile had her own, more immediate, matters to contend with. Not less Natalia’s condition, who although alive had lost a lot of blood and was unconscious. But also the baby. It was a boy. This did not bode well for Natalia or Protector Sumner. This did not bode well at all.

Come back next week to see what the next person does with my efforts to carry on the story…

Until next time, love and cliffhangers, sm x


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