‘A’ is for Anne


I have not done the A-Z Blog Challenge before, or any kind of blog challenge come to think of it…I have decided to focus my first attempt on my spiritual journey so far, since it is such a big and important part of my life. I realise that it is probably not everyone’s ‘bag’, so you may or may not choose to read on. But if you do, I hope you enjoy! Firstly though, a special thank you to Arlee Bird, the A-Z Challenge founder…what a great idea to get the creative juices of bloggers flowing!

So what (or who) better to start with than Anne. Anne is a Homoeopath and Healer who also facilitates meditation courses, and meeting her very much marks the commencement of my spiritual journey, so I feel that nothing is more fitting to start off my first blog challenge…

I knew of Anne through a friend who saw her for Homoeopathy, and I first met her when she came to my place of work for an ‘Away Day’ to give a meditation taster session…from that first experience of contentment and physical and mental relaxation I knew that I wanted to find out more and so I joined her fortnightly meditation group. Here I got an introduction to mindfulness meditation, which is based on Buddhist principles. I learnt a lot from these sessions and still attend to this day as I continue to get so much from them.

I am sure that many of my ‘A-Z posts’ during the next month will incorporate things that I have learnt along my journey through Anne, but one thing that will always stick with me is that when we meditate (and indeed embark upon a spiritual journey) we make ‘seismic changes at glacial speed’. Never a truer word was spoken for me…so many things have clicked into place along the way (and continue to do so) or don’t make total sense at the time, only for me to obtain total clarity at a later date. There is a real feeling of transcendence about the work that we do, some real ‘lightbulb moments’, where you just go ‘oh THAT’S what that was all about!’.

Another idea that will always stick with me is that you meet people for ‘a reason, a season or a lifetime’. I often remind myself of this…it can be difficult when you fall out with people or they leave your life (as inevitably happens) but it’s helpful for me to know that there is a lesson that can be learnt from each and every person and situation.

I shall leave this post for now…it was really just an introduction to set the scene for the forthcoming month. And I shall end it with thanks and gratitude to Anne, who has definitely come into my life for a very positive reason.

Until tomorrow, love and exciting journeys, sm x


6 thoughts on “‘A’ is for Anne

  1. Hi, Sharon, I’m a fellow A-Zer and am letting you know I read your article. Homeopathy is a good form of healing. I truly believe it is better to heal your body with natural resources than through drugs. Meditation is a healthy choice for the mind, body, and soul. Have a great day. I’m #794. I enjoyed your first A-Z blog. Have fun!

    • Thanks, Kathy, it’s nice to know that someone is reading! 🙂 I don’t do Homoepathy personally, but am definitely a big advocate of Meditation for mind, body and spirit. I have only had a chance to read a few other blogs, but will check yours out now 🙂 Enjoy your A-Z Challenge 🙂

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