‘B’ is for Butterfly


During some of my meditation and guided visualisation experiences (which will be the subject of later A-Z Challenge posts) I have been given a ‘gift’ or a symbol. A few times I have been given a butterfly (an insect that I have always been drawn to), and I have also had the experience many times during meditation of a ‘flickering’, which I eventually likened to the beating of a butterfly’s wings.

I was advised to look up the symbolism of recurring gifts or symbols, and that even if the message or meaning behind them didn’t make sense straight away, then it would do so at some point in the future. I have just looked it up and came across Pure Spirit where it says that a butterfly:

“…signals a sense of transformation – a time to evaluate life in its current state and set goals for manifesting change. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and joy. Its dance reflects the need for movement from where we are to our next phase of being.”

This is most apt and very much makes sense for me at this point in my life.

Something that I have always meant to look up about butterflies (and this blog challenge gave me the excuse to do so) is that I had heard somewhere about the connection between them and the Holocaust. Googling it I found the following interesting information on The Spirit of Butterflies:

“Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross visited the Maidenek concentration camp in 1946. When she got to the children’s barracks, it was particularly sorrowful, with toys and shoes strewn about, but there was something else, too. The walls were covered with hundreds of butterflies, scratched and etched with fingernails and pebbles. She said it took her 25 years of working with dying patients to fully understand what this meant. The children knew they were going to die and were leaving a message of hope; their bodies might not make it, but the butterflies represented their immortal souls. They would live on in a different form.”

Thought provoking I think you will agree…

Until tomorrow, love and beating wings, sm x


4 thoughts on “‘B’ is for Butterfly

  1. I love your post about Butterflies. I’ve started to practice daily meditation, however it’s sometimes difficult to clear my mind. I have yet to have images come to mind, but it’s beautiful how life works through symbols. I recently read a book called “Butterfly Messages” it’s by Jamie Tingen, and it had a lot of the same message throughout.

    Have fun with the a-z challenge. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for reading and for the comment 🙂 I remember my meditation teacher saying that even the most experienced meditators having trouble clearing their minds, so you’re not alone! There are tools and techniques you can use, I think it’s just about finding the one that works for you. I will look up that book, thanks 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog too (this A-Z Challenge is great!)…have fun too!

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