‘H’ is for Hearts


It appears that I have an affinity with hearts. I didn’t realise this until my lodger last year, Jane, pointed out that I have hearts all around my house. And she was right – subconsciously I had created a heart-filled home: photo frames, hand-made accessories, patterns on cushions, items of jewellery…

I am happily single (honestly, although I don’t think everyone believes me about this)…but there is a part of me that believes in love. Whether or not it will happen for me I don’t know. I do know that I can live a happy and fulfilled life if it doesn’t, but perhaps (as Jane suggested) I am subconsciously putting a message or request out to the universe through my placing of hearts throughout my home. Or perhaps it’s just that old adage that ‘home is where the heart is’ that has made me adorn my house and life with them?

As per my Day 3 post on Chakras, the heart chakra is linked to love, inner joy and peace, and I do feel that I have recently reached a stage of contentment with my life and am very grateful for what I have (see yesterday’s post on Gratitude), so perhaps it’s just all part of my journey and things falling into place.

Until tomorrow, love and hearts, sm x


4 thoughts on “‘H’ is for Hearts

  1. I have a lot of hearts too, and I don’t know what it is about them! I think we do collect them for some reason unknown to us…but they just come your way. I started collecting rocks along time ago, when walking I found lots of heart shaped rocks! Have any of those? Great post.

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