‘I’ is for It Will Pass


Another important thing I learnt from my meditation teacher, Anne, is that everything passes. Emotions are transient…we often get attached to them, whether they are positive or negative – wanting the former to last, the latter to go away. However, they will and do always pass.

The premise of mindfulness is allowing yourself to experience the emotions that come up – to feel them, honour and accept them, and let them go (which will be the subject of a later A-Z Blog Challenge post I have planned).

Sometimes just reminding myself that ‘it will pass’ is enough to alleviate the discomfiture that some emotions or situations can bring. And the more you practice letting go, or detaching, from your emotions, the less you ‘give them legs’ (and let your mind run away with them), the easier it becomes to let go of them when they inevitably return.

This all sounds very simple, which I haven’t found it to be in practice. Many of us have learnt unhelpful habits and coping mechanisms to suppress emotions that can be stubborn to shift, but just working on refining or re-tuning those processes makes me feel lighter and brighter.

Until tomorrow, love and passing emotions, sm x


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