‘J’ is for Joy


I have had my angel cards for some years now. We used some at the end of a meditation one day and the card I drew was spot on, so I decided to get some of my own.

I spent some time deciding what ones felt right for me before purchasing them. In the end, I went for Diana Cooper’s ‘Angels of Light’ cards.

Angel cards can be used as often as you want…some people use them daily, some before or after a meditation, some when then feel the need for a bit of extra guidance or some words of comfort. I fall into the latter group, using them as and when I feel the need, but they always sit on my dressing table where I can see my latest card (the box mine came in also acts as a stand where you can display one at a time), and they sit next to a beautiful ‘Willow Tree’ Angel (see picture at the top of this post) that a friend bought me some years ago.

When I decided to base my A-Z Blog Challenge on my journey of self-discovery I knew that I wanted to write about angel cards, so I pulled one out…it was ‘Joy’ and said the following:

Joy springs from a sense of connection to the Divine and is a quality which illuminates you.
Your angel guidance is to cultivate this quality by seeking the Divine in every situation.
Look beyond the surface and seek the light in the heart of each person.
Then you will become aware of the wonder of creation and joy will ignite your life.
Delight in everything, for joy is a key to enlightenment.
Enjoy life.

AFFIRMATION: I find joy in everything

I think that things are starting to connect up in my life (as no doubt illustrated through my posts in this A-Z Blog Challenge). I am joining the dots…which will be the subject of a later post.

Until tomorrow, love and joy, sm x


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