‘L’ is for Ladybird


Linked to my earlier post about butterflies, I have sometimes been given the gift or symbol of a ladybird during meditation. Yet another insect I have long been drawn to, perhaps as a result of meditation, or they come into my meditation because I like them – I’m not sure which way round it happened. I have lots of ladybird-related things at home, have had them land on me or seen them in the most unexpected of places (under a napkin at a wedding, for example).

I thought I would look up the symbolism of ladybirds and was most cheered to read the following:

“It is a good time to start being optimistic about your life. Being optimistic, doing daily affirmations, and creating your own reality are all things that ladybird will help you master during your time together.

Ladybirds are a very lucky totem to have. They are very passionate and creative and have a lot of positive energy surrounding them.

She will teach you that your thought patterns and the energy you put into them manifest into the universe and can have a tremendous impact on what your reality consists of. If you have a bleak outlook on life and are very pessimistic these thoughts can bring more negativity and darkness into your sacred space. By having a positive outlook and adding optimism to your thoughts, that positive energy will manifest wonderful things in your life.”

How lovely! I have been working a lot on my thought processes and positivity lately…it seems the ladybirds have been working with me. Still connecting those dots…

Until Monday, love and ladybirds, sm x


4 thoughts on “‘L’ is for Ladybird

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