‘Q’ is for Quiet


I always used to need noise around me…if I was at home alone I had to have the TV or radio on. Even when revising for exams when I was younger I couldn’t stand there being no noise in the room and would put the TV on at a low volume so there was some background noise.

When I started meditating I expected that the silence would be deafening. In fact I found it a pleasant and welcome change, and realised that even when you think it’s quiet there are still background sounds to be heard – traffic, birds singing, next door’s TV, a voice of someone passing by, the tick of a clock. Some people focus on these external sounds as a meditation support.

The more I meditated, the more mindful I started to become and I now really enjoy quiet times…when I’m home alone now I relish in it, and if I’m having a day of pottering I will often go the whole day without switching on the TV and radio and don’t miss it at all. From time to time I switch off the car radio when I’m driving, just to experience the mindfulness of driving without any distraction. It is these little moments that I cherish, knowing that I am comfortable to be alone.

Until tomorrow, love and peace & quiet, sm x


2 thoughts on “‘Q’ is for Quiet

  1. Beautiful post! I am the type of person who always has music on for background noise. However, moments of true peace and quiet are ones I relish.

    Have fun with a-z.

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