‘U’ is for Universe


I ask the universe for things. Some people ask God, some ask the angels (as I sometimes do with my Angel Cards). But I often put it out there to the universe (so to speak). I felt bad at first – I mean, who am I to ask for something? But I was advised that if you believe that you will be provided with all that you need, then you are only really asking for what you deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking to win the lottery (although a modest windfall might be quite nice), but if I find myself in a position where I’m literally ‘spinning on my axis’ and don’t know which way to turn, where I am confused about making a decision or what to do for the best, then I ask the universe to step in.

The idea of asking the universe for help is to articulate to myself what it is that I need. There is no harm in asking for help, and sometimes doing this just serves to make me feel a bit better, or to allow me to let something go. And, as I have found, when you let go of something it usually comes to you.

Until next time, love and letting go, sm x


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