‘V’ is for Visualisation (Guided)


Guided visualisations are a wonderful way to relax and re-group.

During guided visualisation meditation you are asked to close your eyes and visualise a peaceful scene in nature or a healing white light, and you are taken on a journey. Some people use it to relax…I have often drifted off into some sleep-like state and therefore missed a lot of the talking, although I have been assured that it will have entered my subconscious on some level.

Others use repeated visualisations to achieve personal or professional goals. By visualising every detail of his course beforehand, for example, a runner can improve his skill and increase his performance. A manager may visualise herself becoming more self-confident in a work situation that is uncomfortable for her, growing in her assertiveness and self-esteem.

Still others are searching for a deeper awareness of themselves. They use guided visualisation to find that place within themselves where they can get in touch with their intuition. Through images and sometimes feelings or thoughts that come up for them, they often find answers to questions they had been struggling to resolve within their conscious minds.

I have done many different guided visualisations and always come away feeling deeply relaxed, revitalised and serene.

Until tomorrow, love and guided journeys, sm x


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