‘W’ is for White Light


White light is used in meditation as it has a natural healing capacity which can uplift and increase overall wellbeing. It’s a really lovely meditation to do for yourself as well as others – in some sessions we have sent the white light out across the road, the county, country, the world…it is said that it can be used for humanitarian/planetary healing, which is quite an accolade!

During white light healing meditation you envisage a pure white light healing energy flowing down from Source and into the top of your head, through your crown Chakra, and then through every cell of your body as you work your way down through your other Chakras to the soles of your feet. You can also use a ball of white light as protection for you and your loved ones.

I chose the image for this blog post as it reminded me of when you’re on a plane journey and you look down on the clouds and feel like you’re literally in another world (some might say Heaven)…I am always awestruck by it. When I looked for an image for white light meditation it was the first one to come up, and I thought it was very fitting.

Until tomorrow, love and white light, sm x


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