‘X’ is for Reflex (kind of)


X was always going to be a tricky letter for any A-Z theme…I thought last night of some words beginning with ‘x’ and only managed to come up with xylophone, x-ray and xenophobia – none of which seemed to tie in too well with my theme of self discovery and spirituality!

I was reading Eat Pray Love at the time and thought “let it go…perhaps you can just use a word that has an ‘x’ in it as an alternative, I’m sure that won’t matter…and don’t worry about finding the right word, I’m sure it will come to you”. Reading a bit further down the page of my book, I found my word – reflex.

It was connected to a chapter about Vipassana meditation – a stripped down and intensive Buddhist technique which is basically just sitting. You don’t have a mantra or any other meditation support – Vipassana meditation is the practice of pure regarding, witnessing your mind and offering your complete consideration to your thought patterns, but allowing nothing to move you from your seat.

Liz (the author) practices Vipassana-style when at the Ashram in India…she sits in the gardens and starts getting bitten by mosquitoes. Instead of slapping them away as she normally would do she decides to sit through the discomfort. After a while of being bothered by the pain and irritation it lifts her out of herself and meditation. She ends up sitting there for two hours. The passage that relates to reflex is this:

“…I have never not slapped at a mosquito when it was biting me. I’ve been a puppet to this and to millions of other small and large signals of pain or pleasure throughout my life. Whenever something happens, I always react. But here I was – disregarding the reflex. I was doing something I’d never done before. A small thing, granted, but how often do I get to say that? And what will I be able to do tomorrow that I cannot yet do today?”

Anyone tempted to give this a go?!

Until Monday, love and mozzies, sm x


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