‘Me Before You’

Me Before You[1]

It has been a while since I have had the time to write a blog update and my head is swimming with ideas for posts from my recent trip to Canada…however, the jetlag put paid to any sensible thought processes last week, and this week I am still getting back into the swing of things…so I thought I would start myself off with a little review of a wonderful book that I read whilst I was away: ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes.

This is the first of Moyes’ books that I have read and was recommended by a couple of friends at work, so it was duly purchased on my Kindle and saved under my Canada reading list (ever the organised traveller).

‘Me Before You’ is the story of a directionless girl (Lou) and Will, a previously high-flying businessman who has been left in a quadriplegic state following an accident. Their lives are intertwined in a beautifully written and acutely observed story about love, loss and letting go.

This book is a fantastic read. Such beautifully written characters, so incredibly moving (one review I read aptly described it as an ‘emotional typhoon’). I did, as warned, find myself dissolving into tears in many places and for all manners of reasons. It totally got me.

‘Me Before You’ is one of those books that made me think I wish I could write like that. If you after a story that holds you in a vice-like grip from the first to last page, that makes you question yourself on what you believe, then I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was torn between wanting to get to the end and never wanting the story to finish. Just make sure you have some tissues handy.

Until next time, love and incredible reads, sm x


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