Write a Story With Jennifer M. Eaton – Part 48

My turn came round again all too soon for Write a Story with Jennifer M. Eaton, and my third go (part 48) is now up on Jennifer’s site. I find this a fun yet challenging task as it’s completely out of my comfort zone plot and genre-wise, but I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway 😉

Check out the story so far here and my offering below.

Part 48

Yoran’s expression faltered. He wondered if this was another hoax devised to elicit the information that he was not at liberty nor the inclination to share. But what if it wasn’t? The newborn certainly bore the Sumner family resemblance with his mop of dark hair and the same rosebud mouth as his sisters. As he looked at the baby’s perfect features the irony of such a symbol of innocence in this awful place was not lost on Yoran, and his heart couldn’t help but swell with love and protection of this little bundle.

Yoran was torn, and this was quite plain for all those in the room to see. Morath allowed a swift flash of triumph to cross her usually beatific features. Surely Yoran would have to speak now. He would choose his own blood over the Establishment. She stole a glance at the three girls sitting on the private bench. Marci and Bethany were distraught. Sian’s eyes were now flicking from her father’s face to the baby and back again, her earlier steely resolve seemingly wavering now.

Suddenly everyone’s attention was distracted by a commotion coming into the room from the direction in which the Officer had just appeared with the baby.

Guards were trying to hold someone back, but she somehow managed to wrangle through them and burst forward. On seeing the boy she let out an anguished animal-like cry and lunged forward towards the Officer.

“Give him to me!”

Yoran and Morath’s faces bore the same aghast and disbelieving expressions, and for the first time ever their thoughts were the same…what on earth was going on and just how had Natalia got here?

Come back soon to see what the next person does with my efforts to carry on the story…or contact Jennifer if you’re interested in taking part!

Until next time, love and joint writing challenges, sm x


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