Positive body image film ‘Embrace’ is coming to Kent!

Some of you may have heard of the ‘Body Image Movement’, a global initiative launched by Australian Taryn Brumfitt who is on a quest to end the global body-hating epidemic.  Her incredible work is helping women to accept and feel better about themselves, as well as challenges the idea perpetuated by the media that external beauty = everything.

As a newly appointed Global Ambassador for the BIM, I have been enabled to host a one off screening of ‘Embrace’, the powerful documentary that Taryn made whilst traversing the globe to talk to women about body image issues.  This independent film has already launched in Australia and the US since the summer and is now finally coming to the UK and Ireland in early 2017.  You can watch the powerful trailer here.

My screening is the only one taking place in Kent and is scheduled for 18 January 2017 at 6.30pm at Odeon Chatham.  It won’t go on general release and is instead being crowd-funded, meaning that as long as a certain number of tickets are reserved then the screening can take place.  As it stands, there are 43 tickets that need to be taken up/reserved by 7 January 2017 in order for the screening to go ahead.

Tickets can be purchased through this link: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1316

It would be brilliant if this is something that you wanted to book a ticket for…and it would also be greatly appreciated if you were able to help me spread the word to your friends/family (including children, it’s suitable for age 11+)/work colleagues/students/networks/community members via email, social media, carrier pigeon, etc.!  It is open to everybody to attend.

If you are on Facebook there is new a BIM Kent page here and a Facebook event that you can share/invite friends to.

If you are not in Kent, or can’t easily got here, here is a list of venues where the screening is also taking place.  If there isn’t one taking place near you, you can put your hand up to volunteer to host one!

I look forward to seeing those of you who are interested at the Kent screening!



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